Organisers and Tradespeople

Important Prevention Tip

worked out by the Federal Ministry of the Interior in collaboration with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber – see separate website for the business community under

If too many people want to enter, restaurants or bars quickly become crowded. Keep posters (German/English) ready to indicate that the location is already overcrowded.

Fastening of tables and chairs
Fasten outdoors tables and chairs to the ground and remove ashtrays. The police recommend to use light-weight aluminium ashtrays to reduce injury risks.

Plastic Cups
It is recommended to use plastic cups and to clear tables as fast as possible. Thus you reduce the chances to have items, such as plates, knives, etc. used as projectiles.

Private Security Personnel
Employ private security who can take action in time, if necessary, e.g. if guests climb on chairs or tables.

It appears advisable to have a CC TV system installed for events. A permit is needed to have the data recorded and stored.

Further advice
- Enclosing the event areas with fences
- Limiting the number of visitors depending on
  the local conditions
- Access controls by qualified stewards
- Use of “wave breakers“ if the number of visitors
  exceeds 10,000
- Adequate number of paramedics
- Ban on fireworks
- No bottled drinks; alcohol sale restricted to
  light beer


 Legal Notice
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